That bye was not a usual bye, because it was the last one

Hey, everyone!


It’s been a long time since I shared anything with you! So, I am going to share a piece of my work with you which is titled- ‘That Unusual Bye’.


She was lying there,
Silently, quietly, without saying a word.
When everyone was trying to wake her up in the sea of red fluid,
She doesn’t want to wake up.
It was hard to watch,
She lay there peacefully while everyone else was making noise and being unclear.
Things were messy,
But she didn’t want to wake up.
There were cries,
But she still doesn’t want to wake up.
Her skin was pale eyes were closed,
All I could see was a girl lying on the floor.
She has slept for the rest of her life,
She won’t be coming back, and no one could bring her to life.
The slit on her wrist was not the sign of cowardliness,
It was just too hard to take things anymore because no one could feel that.
It was hard to watch her lying there,
On the death bed, we couldn’t believe it.
It was just too hard to accept the fact,
That usual goodbye was our last one.
I wish I could help her,
I wish I could understand,
But the fact is I was unable to see the real truth behind that usual smile.
I regret it, I swear, I do,
I wish I could talk to her about all the fears and blues.
Now, when she is no more,
I am getting the clues.
That same girl who used us laugh,
she is no longer with us anymore.
~Anjali Kapoor

‚ÄčI wrote this after watching a show about #SuicideAwareness.
I don’t know how many people go through difficulties in their lives, but ignoring them and saying, “Hey, you’ll be fine!” lead them to take heart-wrenching steps.
If someone tells you and shares their insecurities, difficulties, and suicidal thoughts with you, your first reaction should never be- “Hey, you’ll be fine!”

They are having a difficult time. People are supposed to encourage them. If you know any such person, give them a tight hug and tell them- “I am with you, and you can share anything with me.”

I, personally, know someone, someone close to me who was on the verge. The circumstances, actions, and reactions drove that person to the point where he/she thought that the only solution was suicide. When I asked what the person was thinking at that particular point in time, the answer was “NOTHING. I wasn’t thinking. It was too heavy to take in.”

We, as a society, are responsible for many teenage suicides. We have forgotten basic human emotions like empathizing, supporting, and understanding. We would rather judge a person than helping him/ her in a difficult time. Let’s try to be more humane.

And if you are having such thoughts in your mind, talk to someone, it can be anyone- your family, friends, even a stranger could put you out it. There’s always one person who loves you more than you love yourself. Suicide doesn’t end the suffering and pain; it transfers it to another person- mostly to the people who love you the most. Life is about living, sharing, and caring. Love them, share with them, and care about them. But first, learn to love yourself.
Suicide is not the answer to your problems and what goes inside your head. You leave many people behind with guilt in their hearts for the rest of their lives. Before taking this step, sit back, think, and try to comprehend what would be their life without you.