The power of ‘SHE’ ♡ – Happy women’s day ♡

She is a little messed up,

She is a bit complicated.

She is a precious gem,

She is a generous soul.

She was born as a daughter,

She became sister.

She had been a best friend,

She turns into a soul mate.

She grew her child in her womb,

She finally gave birth to another precious soul.

She raised her child as a best mother,

She gave her whole life to others.

She who was born as a girl is now a woman.

Happy ‘us’ day to all the ladies out there.


Happy women’s day to every mother, sister, daughter, wife and a best friend. Shout out to all the women out there who never stepped back from their responsibilities, who always stood up for those whom they loved, who all never seemed broken even when they were, who all believed in themselves when others did not.

You are all brave warriors. I will not call you beautiful because it is something which is understood, I would rather call you courageous, strong-willed, determined, and above all, STRONGER than every person out there.

Keep your head high queens because there is no other person like you. ♡


Who doesn’t like gift?
I just love them!

And the best gift one can give and other can receive is something handmade. Handmade gifts expresses your feelings and emotions at its best. They doesn’t only carry your love and care,But you put all your efforts and time also.

Though for many people it’s difficult to make them on their own because of lack of time. So, today I came up with a solution for it. Now you can get all the customized handmade gifts for your near and dear ones for any occasion. You can get all the beautiful Handmade gifts by BOND&EMOTIONS .

Here’s a list of available items:

1. Handmade cardboard light lamp

Beautiful cardboard light lamp to spread the light of happiness. Enlighten their surroundings with light of your love and care.


2.Amazing handmade CD photo frame

This amazing CD photo frame carries your memories within it. You can customize the pictures and message on photo frame according to your choice.


3.Handmade exploding message box,gift box,box card or a box of secrets

This cute exploding box not even carries your messages and pictures but your secret messages too (customised accordingly,available with photos too). Keep your secrets as secret in a cute way.


4. Calendar photo frame

Sweet and Decent Calendar photo frame carries your messages and memories together. Calendar can be customized according to your wish and number of pages can be added.


5. Photo bouquet – a gallery of memories

A gallery of memories – A Beautifully customized photo bouquet for your loved one with the days spent and memories of your life.


6. Free cell photo frame

Free cell photo frame with all your memories that are going to last forever. All the memories at one place.


7. Folded photo frame cum card for your loved ones

Beautiful folded photo frame cum card with call your messages and some secret ones too.


8. Heart photo frame + home decor

Multi purpose photo frame for your home decor and gift too made up of threads. With all your love for the one you love.


9. Beautiful card

A simple but sweet card customized according to photos and messages available. It carries your messages love. ♡


10. Photo light lamp.

Let the photo lamp enlighten the smile of your dear one. Fill their memories with beautiful light to express your love by gifting this beautiful photo lamp.


11. Customized phone back cover

One of my favorite phone back covers at not-so-expensive rates. Customized according to your wish.


12. Photo message card

Because sometimes words are not enough you have to write them down to express them. And the solution is photo message card.


13. Bookmark for reading lovers

My most favorite, because I got one! 😍
This type lovely bookmark for reading lovers to help you to remind from where to start again.


14. Wrist band

Bands always tie you in a beautiful relation with your friend, boyfriend, girlfriend or your partner,rather it be a finger band or wrist band.


BOND&EMOTIONS available on Facebook for you to help you to give the best to your loved ones.

A wonderful gift may not be wrapped as you expect.

Jonathan Lockwood Huie

7 quotes from my diary that say it all.

When writing becomes your hobby so many things just pop into your mind and you just think about writing something more beautifully. Some quotes,idioms and sayings are too inspiring that they lit up the fused bulb of our heart and soul and we start shining again with bag full of memories.

We all have learnt so many things and some things mean a lot to us.

Here are some things that I have learnt and mended them up in my own way :

1. Life is not complicated!

We all have tensions,problems and stress in our lives but that doesn’t mean we will complicate it. Life can be as simple as you want. And the only person who can make it simpler is you,because you’re the one who complicate it. And none other then you knows how to make it simpler. 💆👒


2. Imperfection is new perfection.

I don’t know why people are obsessed with perfection when they,themselves,aren’t perfect.
Being perfect is no fun!
You have to be little imperfect to be perfect. Because you’re yourself in your imperfections. 👸👑


3. Stay crazy, love life,laugh hard!

‘Pizza is my love!’
But a little oregano adds so much to it similarly you have to be little crazy  in your life. Being serious isn’t  always helpful and sort your problems. But being crazy can at least make you happy. ;)😍


4. Recipe to do something new.

Want to be successful?
Read the recipe below.
You can never achieve something big without innovation, creativity and skills. Everyone have their own skills and everyone have a creative side. It just need a direction. Try to do something innovative and see your dream come true. 🎀


5. Deeply in love.

Love. A feeling which is hard to understand and even harder to make others understand. People generally don’t understand what two people feel for each other and it’s not necessary to make them understand. ☺❤


6. Rays of Sun also acts as an inspiration.

Sun rays, for me, are true inspiration. They spread all over the world and drench everyone. Get inspired by small things around you. Try to find those things that inspire you rather then waiting for someone to inspire you. ☀🍃


7. People now-a-days.

Though, it isn’t for all but for those who values materialistic things much more then emotion. There’s no thing bigger then emotions and feelings. Playing with them once break their heart but in the end you’ll regret doing all the wrong things. ✌💁

Don’t hurt them. If you’re not happy simply tell them and move away but never use them.


Love life,
Laugh hard
Stay happy.
Who knows what will happen the very next moment.

Stay connected! :’)

11 Things she adores in you.

Yes,a girl is complicated and it’s hard to convince her. But there are things that she completely find adorable in you. If she likes you or she have a crush on you, there are certain things about you that makes her heart go la-la-la-la.

It isn’t always about guys. Girls also have crushes and they also adores cute little things in you or about you. The cute little giggle feeling list is here for you:

1. That cute little half smile.

Your smile may be the reason she has a big time crush on you. Girls love the cute half smile on your face. She loves each and every glimpse of your smile.

She absolutely loves it!

2. When you roll your eyes at her.

She loves that intense look on your face specially when you roll your eyes at her when she tease you.
Yes, she does!
Many of you must remember Christian Grey’s favourite line from Fifty Shades of Grey “Don’t Roll Your Eyes At Me.”
He loves it and we love it too.


3. When you try to sing a song for her.

The line, “No matter how bad you sing,sing for her. She will smile”, is true. Infact, she loves it. She loves the way you make her feel special by those small things.


4. When you laugh wholeheartedly.

Again,something related to your smile. But this time that big 36-watt smile. The way you laugh is enough to melt her heart. She adores when you laugh your heart out with her.
And it makes her heart sing “Boy you are playing with my mind.”

Dilemma,Dilemma! 😍

5. When you gently wipe away her tears.

No,She isn’t weak! She can wipe away her tears. But when you wipe them away, she feels special. She loves the way you show concern.


6. That sexy sleepy voice.

This is so true. Your sleepy voice makes her heart beat fast because she loves the way you say each and every word.
Infact, She loves it!


7. When you call her beautiful instead of hot.

‘Call her beautiful instead of hot,She is a lady not a temperature.’ She loves a genuine and sincere one not a mocked-up compliment.

And you are adorable!

8. When you give her an honest opinion.

She doesn’t like liars!
Mark my words, She hate ’em!
Don’t lie on her face because she observes each and everything and you can’t lie to her. Infact, no one likes liars! Keep it simple and clear. Give her honest opinion instead of fake ones.

Because they aren't strong enough to speak the truth.

9. Be a gentleman.

Be a gentleman!
You are not supposed to show off. Be a gentleman doesn’t mean just acting like one. No one likes pretenders.

Be you,
Be yourself..


10. When you run your hand through your hair.

Oh-so-intense-look,when you run your hand through you hairs, she completely loves that. The way you run your hand through your hair is another sexiest thing.


11. Fragrance of your deodorant.

The way you smell is one of the most important thing. Guys you have to be choosy in getting a right deodorant. Because she loves the way you smell.
Choose it carefully!


Notice her,
may be she likes you
as much as you like her. 😉

Love her, respect her and treat her right.She doesn’t want much, just need your love. 🙂

9 Things you can never forget in your life.

Life goes on but it always leaves memories for us.

True indeed!

We all take life too seriously that sometimes we forget to “live-in-the-moment” policy. We learn,fall,break and ultimately rise above all, because life never deceive us, it just teach us how to be a better person. And in the flow we build up a mountain of memories that makes us happy.


People change,priorities change but memories remain forever!
Here are some special moments of our life that we can never forget:

1. First crush
Those eyes, that smile, the way he talk or the way she walk. That breathtaking-moment when you first saw your “first crush” and that felt like “No on is better than him/her”. It’s one of the best feeling ever which you can never forget.


Did you know? : If your crush lasts for more than 3 Months that means it isn’t just crush.
You know what i mean. 😉

2. First heartbreak
Yes,love causes pain but that doesn’t mean you will stop believing in love. The thing is most of the time we falls for wrong person and then says that love doesn’t exist. But it isn’t true. If love would not be there, we all must have died fighting with each other.
That first heartbreak is must to teach you a life lesson, that is,

If your absense doesn’t affect them,
Then your presence doesn’t hold a place in their life.


We have to grow up and accept it no matter how much it hurts. After all, it’s meant to make you stronger.

3. Last day of your school life
Remember the farewell ?
Most of you must’ve cried, i can bet on it!
According to your parents and relative:
End of school life ∝Level of maturity
Which isn’t actually true. Because ‘We are the crazy kids!’ 😁
Last day of school life isn’t only memorable, because it’s the beginning of new phase of life,but also because all those nerd guys looks hot and not-so-sexy girls looks bomb af.


4. First day of college
The very first day of your college life might be unnerving. Most of the people think that starting day of their college life often be daunting. But it isn’t true!
With starting of our college,we are expected to act maturely but can we?
Because the fun has just begun people!!!


5. First job

Finally we get ready to take responsiblities. Getting your first job might be the most frustrating phase of you life.
You might be depressed,Streesed but still well dressed because you need to get a job. This phase brings many problems in our life including pressure, tension, depression and more. But finally when you get one, it becomes one of the best moment of your life.


6. First salary

So,finally you are independent. Got a job, worked hard for a month and now ready for the party because it is the salary week!! 😍😍😍
You actually feel proud when you get that ‘salary cheque’ or ‘salary credited text’ on your phone.


7. First nightout
Another first out of many, “The first nighout”. It can be as good as your Margarita or as horrible as Baby mice wine .
But it would be memorable for life, an experience you can never forget.


8. Helping someone

Helping someone always brings a satisfaction in your heart. Help someone who can’t help themselves,they can either be best of your friend or a stranger.


The purpose of life is not to be happy. It is to be useful, to be honorable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

9. When parents say “I am proud of you!”

A smile on your parents face because of you is the best feeling ever!
Nothing makes you more happier than their smile. They scold us to be a better person,to do something good in life, to make our life meaningful. May be at some points we take them wrong but the moment you’ll achieve something in your life they’ll be the first in your mind. They stand by our side at our worst and push us to do our best.
Actually, the definition of happiness sometimes is:
Happiness is when you parents say “Yes,I am proud to have a child like you.” 😍


Keep on making beautiful memories for rest of your life. 🙂

7 things you will completely regret doing.

There always comes a point in life where we regret doing something. Though there is a quote, “Don’t regret over things because at some point that’s what you wanted badly”, but at some points we feel not taking a chance was a bad idea.

Taking chance costs nothing

A second gone will never come back,then why shan’t we take chances.

Regretting without even trying is the worst thing ever! Here are 7 people regret DOING.

1. Taking life too seriously!

Life is not always about being serious. Although at some points we have to be serious about it. But living life too seriously is a Super-bad-idea .
Have fun,love life,laugh more and eat as much as you can!

Life is not meant to be taken too seriously!

2. Falling for the wrong person

Everyone falls in love but it’s not always the right person or may be not the right time. Falling for someone unworthy is one of the most stupidest feeling ever. But we all know life goes on, one person cannot stop us from loving.


3. Giving a second chance to the wrong person

Saw him/her -> fallen in love -> dated eaxh other -> broke up -> gave another chance
Cut down the last part if you haven’t done this.
Giving a second chance to someone, who broke you trust once, is a thing that one regrets the most!



4. Missing a concert of your favourite celebrity

Your favourite celeb is in the town and you can’t attend the concert must be the worst feeling ever.
Missed it unintentionally or intentionally, both will be regretted equally.


5. Never bunking college lectures

What the hell? Is it that lecture?
Sorry i can’t miss it’
These lines remind you of someone?
Or is it you?
The best days of life- College days. But if you never bunked a lecture then you’ve made one of the biggest mistake of your life because time never comes back.



6. Never asking out your crush

Never asked him/her out?
Fear of being rejected?
Out of your league?
Oh c’mon taking a chance doesn’t cost anything!
Go for it, may be he/she also likes you. Another thing which would make you feel helpless in the end.


7. Never taking chance on new things

Life is all about taking chances,Otherwise you will regret it.
Never taking chances would end up with the worst feeling ever. Trying new things would enhance your skills. Keep trying and taking chance you’ll learn a lot.


In the end,
you’ll regret the chances you never took.


Live life fullest and on your own terms! ✌

Buy the best at cheap in Delhi

Delhi,the capital of India, as we all know is pretty famous from it’s food stalls to vibrant cloth markets. Delhi is a sought of one stop-for-everything. Being a one-stop shop ‘Saadi Delhi’ never disappoints the visitors.Whether you’re a discerning fashionista or a big time foodie, you’ll find everything and anything if you get to the right place.

There are many local markets where you can get ‘the best at cheap’ or ‘sasta,sundar or tikau’. If you’ll ask Delhi-ites about their favourite shopping spots, their answers will be – Sarojini, Janpath, GK M-Block Market, Lajpat nagar, Chandni chowk and so many more.


Let’s have a look at these 5 favourite markets of Delhi.

1. Sarojini Nagar
‘Sarojini k kapde pehen k jaati madam disco’ (Song-Saturday-Saturday) – This line say it all!
Here you’ll get almost all the stuff from denim to trousers, funky tops to classy dresses, and above all from shoes and bags to accessories. This market is one of the most visited place for shopping in Delhi. And if you’re good at bargaining then this place is no less then heaven for you. Apart from clothes and accessories you can get home furnishing products too – bedsheets,blankets,cushion covers and more. And the place is not only for girls, even guys can get big discounts and shop at cheap rates.
And can have a bagfull of your favourite ZARA,Armani,Gap,Only e.t.c

How to get there: Metro is like a boon for Delhi!
Board the metro and get down at INA Station( Yellow  line). Take a local autorickshaw just for Rs. 10 and you’ll be there in hardly 5 minutes.

Price Range: From minimum amount of Rs. 50 to as much as you have.

Pro Tips: Always bargain, Check the quality of product and Keep change and Ready cash.

Timings: 11 a.m to 10 p.m all days.


2. Janpath Market:

Another one stop shop for girls and guys is Janpath Market on Connaught Ln. This place is most visited by international tourists because of the vibrant colours and handcrafted items. Being one of the most crowded place you have to be little smart to break the hustle bustle of market and get some of the best handcrafted items,Ethnic wears and accessories. Apart from these things grab some good pairs of jeans and casual wears also at price. All you need is bargainer’s spirit with you 😉

How to get there: Board the metro get down at either Rajiv chowk(Blue line) or Janpath (Yellow line) metro station. And walk down the street.

Price range: Price range is from Rs. 100 to as much as cash you’re carrying because you’ll not be able to resist yourself.

Pro Tips: Carry cash and Bragain as hard as you can.

Timings: 10 a.m to 8 p.m except monday.


3. GK M-Block:

Being one of the most posh area of Delhi,GK M-Block market(Voilet line) is mostly visited by some of the sophisticated chicks of town. The place is a shopping paradise!
You’ll find a hidden treasure there. Designer tailors for women, designer stuff in budget, and some great designer bags in budget wallet . Ladies you must visit this market!
One whole lane is filled with designer tailors, who will stitch anything for you. Though the costs are quite high, they will teach you fashion. So if you are particular about indian bespoke tailoring for women, visit here. From all the branded to non-branded stuff. You’ll get almost everything.

How to get there: Although it’s better to drive there by car but if your preference is metro then get down at Greater Kailash Metro Station and take a rickshaw to reach there.

Price range: Minimum of Rs. 300 to depends on your preference for brands.

Pro tips: Bargain only for non-branded stuff.

Timings: 10 a.m to 10 p.m all days.


4. Lajpat Nagar:
Another popular shoppers destination is Lajpat nagar where you can get whatever you desire- accessories,ethnic wear,western clothes,bags and many more. Located in Lajpat Nagar 2 , you’ll find a huge crowd of ladies bargaining around for salwar kameez,home décor units and much more. Despite conjusted and crowded which gives an impression of disorderliness the shops are well organized. You can get branded ones and non-branded too but be careful while shopping here go for quality product.

How to get there: Board metro to Lajpat nagar(Voilet line) metro station. And get a rickshaw to reach there.

Price range: Begining from Rs. 200 to how much you want to spend

Pro tips: Bargaining is must, Go for quality and carry hard cash with you

Timings: 10 a.m to 9 p.m except Mondays.


5. Chandni Chowk:
One of the most ancient place of Delhi, This place is full of colours and handcrafted material. It is the most busiest market of Delhi. If you are a true shopaholic you must go there. This place is full of life. Attraction here is you’ll see very small shops with a wide range of products. You can shop for a wedding and for a festival too. Being the oldest market in Delhi it draws the attention of many international tourist. It is the best place to shop for weddings. You’ll get a wide range of salwar kameez, Lehengas, Sarees and Ethnic wear. Best thing about the place is you can get best branded footwears at a good price.

How to get there: Get down at Chandni Chowk Metro Station (Yellow line) and walk toward the market.

Price range: Depends on the quality and your bargaining skills.

Pro tips: Give your best at bargaining and bargain for everything, go through the quality.

Timings: 11 a.m to 10 p.m except Sundays.


Got out and look around and grab the best at cheap!
Have a happy shopping people! 👋