For those who are going through a tough time

Dear ones,

Did you ever hear or read this?

Alice: How long is forever?
White Rabbit: Sometimes just a second.

This is what I realized when he left me, though it wasn’t a second but our forever lasted just for a few months. But those few months gave me a lifetime lesson which I want to pass on to everyone who is going through the same or have been through the same. Don’t be afraid of facing the reality, specially if you can see those things in front of you. Don’t fool yourself just because you “think” that person will never hurt you. Times changes rapidly and so do people. You cannot rely on one person for your happiness.


This is what I thought after a few months after my bad break up

I would like to say “thank you” to you for making me who I am today, this is all because of you. You left me on a broken path, a path which was full of thrones, a shattered, demolished and saddening path; you left me alone there with no other choice than crying. I was broken and sad, crying all day long, behaving like a stubborn kid, being mad on everyone I come across. There are very few people who can change you and you were one of them for me. I’m so lucky because you did all those things to me because in the end I’m way more than “just broken”. I still remember the good time we had spent together and it doesn’t make me sad. I enjoyed being with you, all those cute fights, your fake care, your unrealistic feelings, your unapologetic apologies and much more and I swear, I don’t regret it even a bit. Do you know why? Because it made me happy. Though the happiness was just for a matter of time but I was genuinely happy.

Then one day you realized that you don’t want me anymore. Strange? I was also numb at that time. How you spent so much time with me and then suddenly you realized I’m not the one you always wanted, I am just another girl, just another next door girl for you and now probably a mad and crazy ex-girlfriend.

It was a hard time for me but you know what I have learnt throughout the time?
That some people can never be permanent in your life, no matter how badly you want them to be with you, things take an ugly and sharp turn and boom! you’re out of track. You have to get back no matter what. Everything will be same except one thing, that one person you thought will be with you forever.

Some people lose there interest in life just because that special some leaves an empty place in their life and makes sucidial attempts which is the most stupid thing one can do.
Just close your eyes for 30 seconds and think about the other people who are there in your life except him/her.
Even if you get just one name in your mind, think about that person.

What that person will do without you?
How that person would manage the permanent empty place in their life that you will leave?
What that person will go through?

Think about your parents, your siblings, your bestfriend or your potential lover.

He or she left because they were not smart and strong enough to handle you; they thought you’re not worth but actually they are not worth your love. And yes this is true; they are seriously not worth your love.

Did you ever try to think why people leave you?

They leave because we have a better story ahead.
They leave because we deserve better.
They leave so that we can learn about life.
They leave so that we can know the real meaning of love.
They leave so that we can understand people better.
They leave so that we can make better decisions in our lives.
They leave to make us STRONGER than we were.

They close their doors for you but life opens another door for us, for a new adventure, for a new lesson, for a new beginning.

So Dear Happy Souls,
Make yourself stronger and experienced. Be an inspiration. Be a winner. Even if you’re losing it all remember one things, you are increasing your chances to be the winner next time.

This is the reason I am thankful to him who left me and made me a strong, confident and happy person who can tell the difference between real and fake, who cannot be fooled once again.

It’s totally your choice to be a better person and live a happy life or live a miserable life and push yourself in the hell of depression.
Trust in yourself.


You come alone in this world and You leave alone. Just think why do you need somebody to help you to leave? Help yourself.


A person who genuinely loves you will not ask you for big things, he/she will be happy just with your smile.

Love doesn’t change people do (Part 1)

“Kamya you have to understand now it is high time I need to think about my future and I guess you also should think about yours. You are not what I thought I want, we don’t have any future and my family would never accept you. Just think about it, who are you? You are still running behind your stupid childlike ambition to be a model. Are you kidding me? All the time we had spent together, I always tried to make you understand that modelling and all will lead you to nowhere, better start looking for something else and make up your mind about what you can actually do. I already have my future plans and you better know I am moving to UK for the next 2 years for my post graduation. It’s over from my side. I can’t take this relationship forward.”, said Priyank and left her in the same place. Priyank and I were college sweethearts. I fell in love with him since I saw him for the very first time in college. We entered into our class together on our orientation and he was the first one to whom I talked. It was not just about the way he looks, it was about something which is beyond the words could ever define. And I still remember I was the first one to approach, his innocent face was enough for anyone to slay every other guy present in the room. After the orientation finished, we asked each other few things and I got to know that he will be joining me for Economics lecture and this how we started our journey of love; and now look at us, we came so far, shared so many moments doesn’t matter good or bad, gave each other access of our Facebook accounts to our bank account, and is this how every love story is supposed to end?

He left me alone on the last day of our college life, our college farewell and now farewell to ‘US’ too. I tried to ask him why, but he didn’t even bother to look back and ask me if I’m alright or not. We also ended up just like that, just like every other love story, where people meet, share moments and ends up like nothing even happened between them, one suffers way more than the other. I stood there wondering, “Is it just a nightmare or is it real?” But deep down I had the answer from a long time, I was just trying to ignore the fact that Priyank is no more mine, he has other priorities. And yes, he was right, absolutely right, who am I, is there anybody who knows me? Who knows who is Kamya Arora? No one knows me other than some of the college students and he is right, I should start looking for better things, things that I can do, not something like this. The last day of us, our relationship, our dreams and our future are over, so does my dream to become a model. He moved to the UK for his own dreams and me, finally, understood that love is not just about regular meetings and having fun; it is more than that. It is about understanding, it is about accepting other person for what and who they are and loving them for who they are, and stop looking for someone else in them. I decided to go to Mumbai for my further studies and chose to start event management studies.


4 years later…


Samayra, one of my college friend called me up and told me that she is getting married and all our college friends have been invited. She is the only person who was in touch with me after our college, got over, she also studied event management with me but she moved to Bengaluru soon. I asked her, “All as in?”

She replied, “All as in everyone, Priyank also. I hope you will come and will not miss my wedding just for a guy.”

“Don’t worry sweetie! How can I even think about missing it out? I will surely come.”


I was all set for her wedding, I left the home for the airport, and the cool February breeze felt like tiny drops of rain falling on me. All I was thinking about is how would I face Priyank, although I have moved on but those words still haunt me like hell. Today, I have everything except one thing that is love. I don’t know why, I just stopped believing in love, why the word ‘love’ seems just a word nothing more than that. I stepped out of the cab and walked toward entry gate, I heard a voice from behind, the same voice, I wanted to turn around, but I couldn’t risk loosing my heart once again for someone who never loved me. He started walking faster and reached the queue; the same height, same physique and the same boy! My heart almost skipped a beat, I was wishing that he would not notice me. I was travelling to Bengaluru to attend Samayra’s wedding. It had been four years since we graduated from the college. This wedding was also going to be a reunion of our batchmates. But what I didn’t know was that the reunion would begin much ahead of time; right in the queue in front of the airline counter. We have never met after college farewell, but one thing was for sure his words had an adverse effect on me, they actually changed me, the smokescreen of illusionary dreams came to an end and I actually started watching the reality. We boarded the plane, he was sitting just two rows behind me, I didn’t know whether he noticed me or not, I tried to sleep, but my brain could stop talking to my heart, it was awkward and moreover I felt anxious, I closed my eyes and put on my eyes mask and slept.

Waking up never felt as difficult as it felt now, Priyank was sitting just behind me! I felt numb and couldn’t move, my brain suddenly stopped working and an irrational fear came to my mind. I was not afraid to face him, but i was afraid of the fact that maybe once again i will fall for him…


To be continued…………

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