Regret: I left because I was not courageous enough

Love is not easy to find, and if you find it don’t ever give up without giving it a try.

It was all going well, I was happy with him after all I have got the perfect person in my life, a best friend is no less than a blessing and when that best friend becomes your partner, the love two people share become even more stronger. There is nothing that can break your bond because you know each other more than you know yourself, Shivang and I were together since our school days but never had been in relationship even after our graduation. He broke up with his girlfriend when we were in first year; we gradually came closer after his breakup and finally after our graduation we were in a full-fledged relationship, an official one you  can say. Now it’s been 2 years since we are together.

Everything took a turn when my mother asked me, “Reva now you’re grown up and it’s the time to think about your future. Mrs Trivedi told me about her sister’s son, Aashray he is well settled and a very nice guy. I hope you’re getting what I am saying.”

“Mom please! I’m not ready for marriage right now, I’m just 24 and I want to work and set myself up; I am not looking forward to marry someone,” I replied angrily and in a rude tone.

She told me to think about it and left me alone. I was lying on my bed, and I felt vibration of my phone, the name flashing on my phone display was “Shivang”, I don’t know but I couldn’t gather the courage to pick up his call and tell him what just happened. So I ignored his call and slept off, we already had plans for next day.

Next evening, I met him at Starbucks cafe and told him everything about last night.
“Shivang my parents want to me marry,” I told him while sipping my coffee. He got all shocked after listening to me and his expressions were like hell disturbing.
“Marry? Dude!! That’s a great news. So when do you want me to talk to your parents?” He replied excitedly.
“They want me to marry someone else, not you.”
“Are you mad Reva? How can you even think about marrying someone else? When I asked you to marry you told me that you need time, you wanted to work and now you’re telling me that you are going to marry according to your parents choice.”
“Shivang please try to understand me, I can’t tell my parents about you.”
“What? Why? Reva I don’t think I’m lacking anywhere that you are feeling shy to tell your parents about me. I’m well settled and there’s no reason to marry someone else.”
“I know honey but my dad will never let me marry you. You’re from a Punjabi family and I belong to a Brahmin family, they will never allow me to marry you. I don’t have courage to tell my parents that I love you.”
“But we can’t give up on each other like this. You should atleast give a try and I promise if they will say no, I will not force you for anything. I promise!”
“But I can’t Shiv please try to understand, we have to end it up here.”
I got up and left, on my way back to home, I was literally in tears but those tears were meaningless. I had proved that I’m a coward who cannot even take a stand for her love.
I wiped my tears, entered my home, went to the kitchen and told my mother that I’m ready to meet Aashray. She jumped with excitement and hugged me.
I was supposed to met Aashray and his parents as planned by my parents next Friday. I got many calls from Shivang but I ignored all of them because I can’t hear him pleading me for asking my parents about him, even I was hurt but wasn’t strong enough to tell my parents about him, all those sleepless nights, his memories, from my closet to the lifeless walls of my room, everything made me miss him.
Finally, I met Aashray and his parents, he was a decent looking, well mannered man, working as Manager in a bank and his parents seemed to like me and my parents also liked Aashray. Our marriage was fixed for the month of October, three months later.

Days rolled on, I got many calls from Shivang but I have made a very big decision of my life and I cannot back out now. A week before my wedding, Riya, common friend of Shivang and me, called me and asked to meet her, I knew that this must be Shivang’s plan to meet me but I couldn’t take any risk.So, I told her to come to my place as my mother will not allow me to go out, she came to my place next day and somehow managed to get Shivang also, my mother welcomed him as well because she knew that we are best friends. I took them to my room as i don’t wanted to create any scene in front of my parents.


“Riya, what the hell is wrong with you? How could you take him here? I already warned to about it and you took him to my home. If he will try to ruin anything, I swear, I will not forgive you!” I said

“Reva at least listen to him once. You are ruining three lives just for the happiness of your parents. He is not lacking anywhere that your parents will not allow you to marry him, you should at least try once.”

“I cannot take any step back. I don’t have any option now. Please Shiv you have to leave now.” Tears rolled down my eyes and his too. We both hugged each other.

“Reva, I have loved you and always will. I just wanted to see you for the last time because I know seven days from now I will see that Reva who will not be mine. But I would still say that you should have asked your parents once. May be thing would have been different,” he wiped my tears, kissed on my forehead, hugged me even more tightly and left.
At the moment, I felt like I’m the most helpless person in the whole world because I have lost the most important person in my life that also because of my own cowardice. And I know I’m going to regret this for my whole life. I should have tried but I didn’t. My dreams, my hopes, my plans, I destroyed everything just because I was not courageous enough to put things in front of my father.
If you love someone, you have to be courageous enough to fight for it and I am among those people who gave up easily. I closed my else, laid down on bed and cried because it was the only option I had. I have become the person who I never intented to be.
Love is not easy to find, and if you find it don’t ever give up without giving it a try. If you have someone you love more than anything then there should be no option of giving up so easily.
Aashray and I tied the knots after seven day, I don’t wanted to lie to him so I told him everything and his reaction was literally unbearable. He left me in the room alone without uttering a word. He was angry with me but we had no option except carrying the relationship forward.
I lied down on my bed looking at the ceiling, I realised that I have made a horrible mistake. I seriously destroyed three lifes and I cannot undo all this mess but I have to go forward with this, I apologized to Aashray and he accepted it, he was happy and I pretended to be happy. But deep down, I have killed my soul, my heart and myself and I made myself used to the guilt that I betrayed him because I am a coward.

Love doesn’t change people do (part 2)

I hope you liked the last part. So here I am with second part of the story…

Yes I was afraid that I will fall for him again but in last 4 years I have learnt one thing and that is, “Follow your brain because your heart is stupid as fuck”, it’s absolutely right in a manner. Love has never been an easy journey for me after Priyank left, everytime I thought about dating someone, I ended up with only one argument, “This is going to end up the same old way”. Now he is sitting in front of me and everything has been paused for a moment, I was confused, somehow I gathered my senses and greeted him.
“Hey Kamya! How have you been? Long time huh!”
“Hi Priyank! I’m fine. How are you?” I replied in the same formal tone.
“I am also fine.”
“So what are you doing now?” He asked me and at the same moment I heard the announcement that our flight is going to land; our conversation ended there. He asked me to come to the hotel with him but I refused and told him that I am going to visit my relatives first.

How can he even think that I will go with him? Was it that easy for him to move on? Has he moved on? I, somehow, distracted my thoughts and the cab driver dropped me at Samayra’s place. I met her and greeted her, and the fear of facing him again was still haunting me.

“Welcome sweetheart!” Samayra said excitedly and hugged me.

I faked a smile and hugged her back, she said, “So you already met him? Right?”

“Yes” I murmured. She has always been so understanding and always understands me well, i never needed to explain her anything and it seems like she can read my thoughts and mind in a second. “Oh have some mercy my lord!! This lady is looking damn beautiful” I teased her with the compliment.

“Alright, you don’t need to hide things from me, you better know I am smarter than you and I can understand everything in your mind. Tell me everything now.”

I explained her everything and it was such a relief to have such a good friend by your side.

“You know what life gives you many chances to get a person back in your life but that doesn’t mean you will make the same mistake twice. If he still likes you that is his problem not yours, he left you when you needed him or when he should have supported you the most and now when you have everything, he wants you back. It is human nature, you just have to control yourself and protect yourself from the thought of him. A person who cannot stay by your side when you need him, will never stay your side at your worst. And look at you sweetheart, is there anything that you don’t have? No! And now he wants you, how does it even matter? There are many guys out there who wants you more than him. So keep you head high princess, you prince must be waiting for you out there!”

And her words got stuck to my head, she has always been my source of motivation and I love her so much for motivating me all the way. Her wedding went so well and i have accomplished my mission of keeping control on myself. We all left for our hometowns and again I had to come with him but fortunately, our flights were different this time. I reached home safely and i was so relieved that i don’t need to face him anymore.

15 days Later….

I was sitting in my cabin, chilling out and going through Facebook news feed, I was checking out Priyank’s profile and at the same moment I got his message on Facebook, for a second I felt like, it was all repeating itself, Déjà vu but it was reality, he texted me, “Hey! how are you? Let’s catch up someday!”

Those words felt like a pointed arrow that stroke my heart. Is he mad? What the hell is wrong with this boy? What does he even think when he text me? I felt like shouting so loud and wanted to kill him literally but I had no options. So, I decided to reply back and i really wanted to make him clear that “I AM NOT INTERESTED IN HIM”, I read the message so that he can at least see that “SEEN” status on it but his message got stuck in my head and I couldn’t do anything else.

So, I replied him:

“Hey! Have been busy all day and I don’t think I can meet you as I have some out of station tours for my business meetings.”

I got his reply:

“Yeah! Sure. Take care”

I felt relieved that he finally understood what I was actually trying to convey him, moreover, my mom want me to meet a guy and she told me that I will surely like the guy and I cannot even doubt her choice, she have always chosen the best for me. I told her to arrange the timings and venue and I will go there but I am not sure if I will say yes or no because I already like somebody, my mother gave me strange expression as if she knew everything. The night, as always, was a struggle between my heart and brain, sleepless nights have become a part of my life now and they do not bother me anymore. But this time the reason is different, I was thinking about the person whom my parents chose for me. Soon, I slept.

Next morning was no different but I was a bit excited, my mother told me that  he will be meeting me at Starbucks in GK-2 and warned me to be on time.


It was 5 p.m and I was in office, mom called me up and told me to leave as soon as possible. I reached there and what I saw totally turned me upside down and my inner voice shouted, “What the hell is even wrong. Again!!”
Priyank was also there waiting for someone, I sat on the corner table so that I don’t have to see him, but my inner voice kept on shouting like hell, torn apart and crying out loud in my head. It’s been almost more than 25 minutes but “my date” wasn’t there. I called my mother, she didn’t pick up my call. After almost 45 minutes, Priyank came to my table, greeted me and asked, “Hey seems like you’re also waiting for someone.”
“Yeah! My parents wanted me to meet a guy and he is not here till now.”
“How come you’re here? Anything special?”
He suddenly shouted, “Bingo! My parents also arranged kind of a blind date for me and she’s also not here.”

“Ohh!”, deep down I was praying, the guy whom my parents wanted me to meet should not be Priyank but there my inner voice shouted again, “He is the one your parents have chosen.” Both of us realised, we came to meet each other, my thoughts almost got numb and I literally wanted to get out of there at the very moment. We sat there quitely, the silence was unbearably killer, he as always broke the silence and said, “I guess you have also realised that our parents setted us up for the meeting.”
“Hmm.. I got it.”
“Would you like to continue? Because I really don’t mind. I always knew you are the one for me.” My inner voice knocked up again, “Really? Is he the one for you? How the hell can he even think about it? Does he even remember what he had done to me and told me when he left me hanging?”, I literally felt like throwing all the water on his face and ask him to wake up and see the freaking reality that I hate him more than anything and anyone. He broke my heart once and it took me almost the last three year to mend it because a broken heart like a broken glass can never get back to how it used to be. He continued saying, “I never forgot you in last 4 years, I was so stupid to leave you at that time and I always wanted to make the things right but I couldn’t gather the courage to take things back to the right path. Please forgive me for whatever I have done and let us start a new chapter of our life together” and there I felt like my head totally burst out and my eyes almost filled up with tears but I kept myself calm and told him to come out with me.
The moment we came out, I had no control on myself, the tears came out and I, once again, was broken.

” You broke my heart man! And you think it’s no big deal? You think that we should start a fucking new chapter? How can you even think about it? It took me all these 4 years to mend myself, to get my life back to normal, to forget you, to realise that you were not the person I thought and you are asking me to get back? What the hell even made you think that I will ever want to talk to you? You’re saying that you never forgot me then why the hell you never tried to contact me? Priyank it might not be a big deal for you because you actually never cared but I did and that is why it is a big deal for me. You’re saying that you shouldn’t have left me but you did man! You left me when I needed you and do you even remember what you said? Oh yeah, how and why would you? Let me tell you, “You are not the one I wanted. You are not the one i thought you were.” And now suddenly you realised that I’m the one? Wow! I am amazed. But let me make one thing clear to you, I don’t want you near me. NEVER! Got it?”
And I left at the same moment. I got back to home and my mother asked me what happened but I went straight to my room, I was not in the condition to tell her anything, and lay down on bed and pressed my face in pillow and cried till I slept off.

The next morning, my mom came to the room and woke me up. Priyank has already told her everything, she stroke her hand on my head and told me what Priyank told her. She hugged me tightly, I realized no matter how hard you try to keep yourself in control but there’s only one person who can break you and the person is your mother. I hugged her even more tightly and cried as much as I could.
“Sweetheart, you are a strong woman and you don’t need a man to complete you. I am really proud of you for what you are, for all the time you carried yourself strongly and never made us feel uncomfortable. Today, I can proudly say every mother should have a daughter like you. I never knew about you and him, I always thought that you have been very good friends and when his mother called me up and asked me about you I said yes. I never knew things went so wrong between you two. I am sorry forgive me.”
“No mom please. I love you so much and it’s not your mistake.”
“I love you too beta.”
Mom asked me to come downstairs for breakfast. Everyone have an angel in their lives and the angel is called “Mother”.
I checked out my phone and I had 23 missed calls from an unknown number. I called back but no one received the call, I freshened up and went downstairs for breakfast and I saw one of the most beautiful sight in front of my eyes. The dinning cum living room was all filled up with my favourite pink roses and the only man whom I trusted more than myself, my best friend from Mumbai, the person who helped me to get through the worst and to see what I really deserved, Anant, was sitting on dinning table holding a bouquet.

“Anant” I literally screamed, jumped and hugged him. Sometimes your heart needs a break to realize and accept what you deserve. He hugged me back even more tightly. Love always knocks at your door at the perfect moment with perfect person, you don’t need to search for the person every now and then, the person who’s meant for you enters into your life and make it way more beautiful than you imagined it. You don’t need to rush for it, the moment you set your heart free is the moment when you get back to life. As long as you keep it in walls built by your brain, you will end up being even more hurt. In short, let it free, let your heart cry when it need to, the perfect person will come at the perfect moment and that will be the day you will realize , why it never made sense with anybody else.

****************THE END**************

Love doesn’t change people do (Part 1)

“Kamya you have to understand now it is high time I need to think about my future and I guess you also should think about yours. You are not what I thought I want, we don’t have any future and my family would never accept you. Just think about it, who are you? You are still running behind your stupid childlike ambition to be a model. Are you kidding me? All the time we had spent together, I always tried to make you understand that modelling and all will lead you to nowhere, better start looking for something else and make up your mind about what you can actually do. I already have my future plans and you better know I am moving to UK for the next 2 years for my post graduation. It’s over from my side. I can’t take this relationship forward.”, said Priyank and left her in the same place. Priyank and I were college sweethearts. I fell in love with him since I saw him for the very first time in college. We entered into our class together on our orientation and he was the first one to whom I talked. It was not just about the way he looks, it was about something which is beyond the words could ever define. And I still remember I was the first one to approach, his innocent face was enough for anyone to slay every other guy present in the room. After the orientation finished, we asked each other few things and I got to know that he will be joining me for Economics lecture and this how we started our journey of love; and now look at us, we came so far, shared so many moments doesn’t matter good or bad, gave each other access of our Facebook accounts to our bank account, and is this how every love story is supposed to end?

He left me alone on the last day of our college life, our college farewell and now farewell to ‘US’ too. I tried to ask him why, but he didn’t even bother to look back and ask me if I’m alright or not. We also ended up just like that, just like every other love story, where people meet, share moments and ends up like nothing even happened between them, one suffers way more than the other. I stood there wondering, “Is it just a nightmare or is it real?” But deep down I had the answer from a long time, I was just trying to ignore the fact that Priyank is no more mine, he has other priorities. And yes, he was right, absolutely right, who am I, is there anybody who knows me? Who knows who is Kamya Arora? No one knows me other than some of the college students and he is right, I should start looking for better things, things that I can do, not something like this. The last day of us, our relationship, our dreams and our future are over, so does my dream to become a model. He moved to the UK for his own dreams and me, finally, understood that love is not just about regular meetings and having fun; it is more than that. It is about understanding, it is about accepting other person for what and who they are and loving them for who they are, and stop looking for someone else in them. I decided to go to Mumbai for my further studies and chose to start event management studies.


4 years later…


Samayra, one of my college friend called me up and told me that she is getting married and all our college friends have been invited. She is the only person who was in touch with me after our college, got over, she also studied event management with me but she moved to Bengaluru soon. I asked her, “All as in?”

She replied, “All as in everyone, Priyank also. I hope you will come and will not miss my wedding just for a guy.”

“Don’t worry sweetie! How can I even think about missing it out? I will surely come.”


I was all set for her wedding, I left the home for the airport, and the cool February breeze felt like tiny drops of rain falling on me. All I was thinking about is how would I face Priyank, although I have moved on but those words still haunt me like hell. Today, I have everything except one thing that is love. I don’t know why, I just stopped believing in love, why the word ‘love’ seems just a word nothing more than that. I stepped out of the cab and walked toward entry gate, I heard a voice from behind, the same voice, I wanted to turn around, but I couldn’t risk loosing my heart once again for someone who never loved me. He started walking faster and reached the queue; the same height, same physique and the same boy! My heart almost skipped a beat, I was wishing that he would not notice me. I was travelling to Bengaluru to attend Samayra’s wedding. It had been four years since we graduated from the college. This wedding was also going to be a reunion of our batchmates. But what I didn’t know was that the reunion would begin much ahead of time; right in the queue in front of the airline counter. We have never met after college farewell, but one thing was for sure his words had an adverse effect on me, they actually changed me, the smokescreen of illusionary dreams came to an end and I actually started watching the reality. We boarded the plane, he was sitting just two rows behind me, I didn’t know whether he noticed me or not, I tried to sleep, but my brain could stop talking to my heart, it was awkward and moreover I felt anxious, I closed my eyes and put on my eyes mask and slept.

Waking up never felt as difficult as it felt now, Priyank was sitting just behind me! I felt numb and couldn’t move, my brain suddenly stopped working and an irrational fear came to my mind. I was not afraid to face him, but i was afraid of the fact that maybe once again i will fall for him…


To be continued…………

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Together Again

It was their last exam and everyone was excited for the house party and upcoming Goa trip. Kiara, Rishaan and Diya are friends from last 3 years as they are college friends, now in final year. Rishaan and Kiara have been dating from last 2 years. Diya and Kiara were bestfriends from their school time. All of them were studying psycology at University of Delhi.

“Finally, exams over”, Kiara had no bounds to her happiness. All of them went to QDs to have something and they planned about the house party. After having their meal, they left for their home.

Kiara started looking for her best dress for tonight as she wanted to look the best. She was stubborn and a little obssessed. Rishaan was a big time flirt since his school days. He has a heartachingly beautiful smile and looks extremely handsome and so does Kiara. They were the cutest couple of college, kind off made-for-each-other. Moreover Kiara had a jawdropping personality, the way she looks; she was a proper fashionista and a perfect package as a girl. Diya was also pretty but as she always stood by Kiara’s side so she use to get less attention but it never bothered her. She was a simply amazing and way mature than Kiara. Diya use to have crush on Rishaan but after she got to know about Kiara and Rishaan, she drifted away from Rishaan. But being a flirt, Rishaan never left a chance to hit on Diya and she always took it as sarcasm, never bothered to tell Kiara.

Kiara and Rishaan reached Diya’s home quite late. They were already quite drunk. They had an awesome party that night. Everything was going fine, Kiara drank like a fish. Rishaan was enjoying the dizzyness after drinking. Almost everyone left and there were only a few people left so they decided to play Truth and Dare game. After a few rounds, it was Diya’s turn, she chose truth and Rishaan asked her the question, “Have you ever fantasized about me or had a crush on me?”, as they were playing a game, she said the truth and said “Yes, I had a crush on you but as soon as I got know about you and Kiara that thing just ended up”. But the words just stuck in Rishaan’s mind. After evryone left except Diya’s cousins, Kiara and Rishaan, Diya started organizing things. Rishaan went into room to make Kiara sleep comfortably but the thing Diya said was playing on repeat mode in his head. After everyone slept, Rishaan went into Diya’s room. Diya went to get bath and when she came out she found Rishaan on his bed.

She asked,”Hey, what are you doing here? Why aren’t you with Kiara?”

“Because I want you”, said Rishaan. He held her waist and continued, “Look at the mirror. You look just so incredibly sexy. I accept she is your best friend but can’t you just forget it for a night and let us have some fun tonight? And really honey, you don’t need to worry about anything. I will not utter even a word to Kiara and you know we can carry on our secret relation side-by-side. What do you say?”

She was awestruck. She couldn’t understand what and why is Rishaan saying all the stuff. “Are you kidding me? What the hell is wrong with you? Have you lost it? Just get out of here!” she yelled.

He came closer to her held her waist and said, “You know what you are no less than Kiara. You are equally beautiful, but the only thing that keeps you behind her is your maturity. Don’t be naïve. You better know you don’t have any option”, in the course, he landed his lips one her’s. She was furious as hell she pushed him and shouted, “Get the hell out of here. I always told Kiara that you are a fucking flirt and not meant to be trusted but she never trusted me, now I am surely gonna tell her. Get out now!”

He left the room without uttering a word and Diya was sleepless all night. She couldn’t gather the courage to tell Kiara about last night. She was confused, tired and helpless. She cried until she fell asleep.

Her sleep broke down with a ray of sun. The moment she opened her eyes the memories of last night ran down her eyes and again she started feeling helpless. She was distracted with a knock on her door, she asked,”Who is this?”

“It’s me Diya. Please open the door. Please” Rishaan replied.

“I told you last night also. Just go away. I don’t want to see you face.”

“Please Diya just for a second I swear I will not show you my face again.”

She got up and opened the door. “Diya I am really sorry for last night. I was drunk and out of senses. I didn’t realize what was happening. I am sorry. Please don’t tell Kiara about it.”

“Wow! You mean if a guy is drunk he can flirt around with anyone. Just because you were out of senses doesn’t mean you will cheat on your girl. Nothing gives you the right to cheat on a person who loves you with all the heart.”

He kept quiet and fell down on his knees and cried in front of Diya. “You think if you will cry, I will change my decision then I am sorry Rishaan I will not. Just go out.” She said. She threw him out of her room and went to shower directly. She was thinking about the last night and the entire dramatic scene happened just now. She felt sad and decided not to tell Kiara otherwise thing will get even worst.

Rishaan tried to contact Diya many times in whole week but she didn’t pick his call. But she anyway had to face him on their upcoming Goa trip. She and Kiara went for shopping and had number of meetings in that week but she decided not to share anything with her.

Next week, they were all set for Goa. They met at the airport and the obvious discomfort between Rishaan and Diya got Kiara’s attention and she asked many times what is actually wrong between them. Both of them denied and said there is nothing wrong.

In the middle of the flight, Kiara woke up to go to the washroom. When she returned, she was too lazy to push her way into the middle seat. And with Rishaan readily offering to shift seats, the seating arrangement changed. With 20 minutes still remaining for the flight to land, a sleep starved Kiara took another power nap, this time holding Rishaan’s right hand more firmly. Rishaan’s other hand, though, nervously moved to touch Diya’s. Her heart skipped a beat. Diya pulled her hand away. But a defiant Rishaan held her wrist again, this time firmly and more reassuringly. The changing behavioral dynamics between the three perhaps gave out a foreboding of what was to come in Goa.

When the flight landed at the Dabolim Airport, Rishaan felt uncanny…his excitement seemed replaced by an unknown fear that he found very difficult to decipher. The fear of not being trusted, the fear of losing someone which he actually nevr felt and yes it was his first time. He felt anxious. Suddenly, Kiara distracted him and asked him to get taxi. They all went to the hotel and prefered to take rest as they had plans for night. Kiara and Diya settled in one room and Rishaan with two other friends; Karana and Ishant; went to other room.

Diya and Kiara woke up with a knock on their door. Kiara opened the door, it was Rishaan, and she asked him to come inside at the same time Diya walked out and there was no doubt something was wrong between them. Kiara looked at Rishaan and asked him, “What happended Rish?”

“Nothing sweetie.”

“Oh come on Rish, I have been noticing this from last party you guys are behaving awkwardly with each other. Even Diya is not telling me anything. Either you are telling me now or this trip is going to be our last trip.”

“What the hell is wrong Kiara? How can you say that? Nothing is wrong and if you are so much curious about it then I guess you should ask your best friend.” Shouted Rishaan and left the room.


They were all set for the beautiful evening and the bonfire party. Kiara was looking beautiful as always but when Rishaan noticed Diya his heart almost dropped a beat. She was looking miraculously beautiful and he could not take off his eyes but what Karan and Ishant notied was that Kiara and Diya were not together. They asked them, what happened and why they are not together but both of them did not bother to tell them about the little fight over the awkward behaviour.

Rishaan asked, “What would you guys like to have?”

They told their choices and after a couple of drinks the awkwardness between them was over.

“Hey, what is the matter Rish? Why did you asked us to come here? We were having fun outside”, said Kiara.

“See, Kiara I can’t hurt you any more and I want to tell you the truth.” Kiara was struck and said, “What are you talking about Rish?”

“Kiara we have been together from last two years and trust me I never felt the way I am feeling now; I don’t think we should see each other anymore. Somethings are never meant to happen; I finally realised what I want, whom I actually want and you are not the one. You are a really nice girl and I owe you so much but taking our relationship anymore will end up with even more bitterness and I don’t want that.”

“Wow!! I am glad Rishaan Malik. You finally realised that you are not in love with me. So, who is the lucky bitch? And by the way, why did you bring Diya over here? To see all the drama?” she yelled “You know what, people around me always told me that you are a jerk but I never believed them and see what you turned out to be. I just cannot believe this.”

“Kiara, it is Diya. I am sorry, I realised with the passing time that she is the one I want, she is like the one with whom I always wanted to be, she defines what I want. You are just way to perfect for me even more than perfect. You deserve the best of all.” He narrated the whole post exam story to her. They did not notice that Diya has already left. “Diya is gone” Rishaan said.

Kiara wiping her tears said “I wish I would never see you again.”

And from there, their paths diverted for rest of lives, they thought so.


After 5 Years at college reunion:

They are again at the same place, the place where 5 years ago they met for the last time, same place where they spent the best time of their life or may be the time that taught them a lot more than anything else would. It was their college reunion. Diya and Kiara made an eye contact and could not resist each other, Kiara’s husband forced her to talk to her childhood best friend whom she missed so much in last 5 years and told her husband the story obviously not the whole story but a part of it.

“Hi Diya” said Kiara.

“Hi Kiara” replied Diya.

They hugged each other and sorted out all the misunderstanding. Kiara asked her about how she has been and what she is doing now. Diya told her about dating someone from her work, whom she is planning to marry. Diya asked Kiara about her husband. On the same time, Rishaan and Kabir entered to the party and as always Rishaan was all groomed up and looking handsome as always, Kiara and Diya saw him and Kiara was all shocked when she saw his boyfriend with Rishaan. Kabir walked directly toward Diya and Rishaan asked him why he is going there. He tells him about Diya then Rishaan realised, how awful situation it would be but rather than sitting back he told Diya about Kabir who was already dating one of his friend.

“You again came into our lives to ruin them. Don’t you have better things to do? Last time you screwed me up and this time Diya” Kiara yelled at him.

“Kiara, stop it please. It has been 5 years and you are still at that point. Please stop it, now you are married. I am sorry for whatever i did. I know only a sorry cannot give that time back but since then I never spent a minute of satisfaction. Do you know why? Because I always felt guilty about what i did with you, I always thought about Diya and wished if i could meet her for the last time and tell her the whole truth. I know it must have been hard for you but it was equally hard for me. Please forgive me for whatever I did.” said Rishaan in a very calm tone.

Diya couldn’t stop crying as she was all broken once again. First, when she got to know about her best friend being with someone she likes and now Kabir whom she decided to get marry. Rishaan wiped her tears and hugged her firmly and said, “Diya I never thought that we would ever meet again, i never tried to reach you in these years because i thought you must have found someone who actually deserves you. You should have someone who knows how to make you happy when you are not even in the mood to smile. You should be with someone who brings out the best in you. You should be with someone who accepts you for what you are, for all your flaws, all your imperfections and what you are. And Kabir is not the one.” She hugged him even tighter and couldn’t hold her tears.” He continued, “I don’t know if this the right time or not but i have already wasted last five years of my life without you and this time i will not let you go at any cost. I want to spend the rest of my life with you no matter how hard it would be because i know you will be there to make things right, to correct me, to love me and i will love you with all my heart for the rest of my life. I LOVE YOU. WILL BE MINE? ”, directly looking into her eyes.

“YES”, she replied.

And his lips pressed hers at the moment. It was the most beautiful moment for them.

And the love lost..

It was their fourth wedding anniversary; Maya was eagerly waiting for her husband, Aman who promised her in the morning to take her out for dinner after a long time. Their meaningless fights from past six months made her feel suffocated, insecure and even she tried to spy on him but didn’t get enough proofs and finally gave up thinking, may be she’s overthinking. She took a last glimpse of herself in mirror and said “Perfect! Everything is done. And finally today I’m going to give Aman the news we were waiting for.” It’d been more than an hour, she was absolutely ready and looking stunning in her black lace dress and a red lipstick. She finally called him but he didn’t receive but she hopefully told herself, “He must be driving. Stop acting like a stupid naive woman Maya.”


Maya was a strong headed woman who believes in proves but from past few months she was dealing with stress. She was an impossible woman. A woman every man desires. Beautiful. Intelligent. Brave. Smart. Witty. She was a combination of perfection.


It’s already 11.35 p.m. and waiting anymore would be worthless as she also have her office next morning. She was half asleep on sofa when the doorbell rang. She got up furiously and opened the door as Aman already had pissed her off. The moment she opened the door, she burst into tears she saw her husband all drunk, unable to stand and his shirt have strong fragrance of women’s cologne. She took him into bedroom and made him sleep comfortably. Her night was almost sleepless.


She woke up in the morning and decided not to say anything. First thing she did was packing a bag. She took bath and dressed in formals, made breakfast for Aman and left without informing him. On the way to office, she was constantly thinking about him but had no hint what actually happened to him. She decided to call Aman’s best friend, Sanjay.

“Hey, Sanjay! How have you been?….. Where are you nowadays?…. Yes, actually i wanted to meet you…. would be perfect..come to my place we can have a cup of coffee too… It’s been long time…yes, sure..Alright..see you in the evening at 7..” and hanged up the call. The day was horrible for her; neither she did her work properly nor she felt like talking to anybody. That little doubt, of Aman being with someone else, in her head was turning from a tumour to cancer which almost taken her soul away and made her feel dead.


She arrived at home in evening, Sanjay was already sitting with a cup of tea in his hand, served by her maid.

“Hey, Sanjay! What’s up these days? Where were you?” smiled and asked.

“The same thing Maya. Office-Home-Sleep-Repeat.”


Sanjay was Maya and Aman’s best friend from their college time. They gossiped and finally Maya came to the topic.

“Sanjay, see i don’t know what is happening but i want to ask you about something about Aman because you are the only person who knows him more than anyone else.”

“What happened to you Maya?”

“I don’t know but i guess Aman is having an affair with Akansha, her colleague.I am sure you know about it. Tell me the truth.”

His face fell like he was trying to hide something from her.

She can’t take his silence anymore and shouted ‘What the hell is going on between my husband and that bitch?’ Maya’s patience was at its lowest ebb and she was ready to burst.


Sanjay knew that she was serious. ‘Look, Maya. There is nothing going on between the two of them. Just a little bit of healthy flirting, I’d say.’


‘Flirting? Healthy flirting? Really Sanjay . . .’ she rolled her eyes in disgust. ‘That’s what you men call it? There is nothing healthy about flirting, Sanjay, not for a married man.


Healthy flirting is a term introduced by perverted men who want to lend legitimacy to their extramarital dalliances. Flirting invariably has a sexual connotation to it.’ She got up from her seat and walked around the room gesticulating and muttering something to herself. Suddenly she stopped, turned back, looked at Sanjay and asked, ‘Did my husband sleep with her? You are his friend. Did he ever tell you anything about it?’


His silence was her answer and it stabbed her heart like someone knowingly stabbing and cutting her heart into many small pieces. She never felt as depressed as she was feeling now. Tears rolled down her cheeks like a hot volcano erupted after a long time and proved to be destructive like anything. She fell down on her knees. Sanjay tried to convince her but she knew Aman was at fault. She needed an answer for all the questions which she had kept to herself from last six months or may be she was still not ready to believe everything which was coming up to her and that is why she needed answers. She was broke, all broken into pieces because she left everything for Aman. She told Sanjay , “Aman, the guy, for whom I left everyone. My home. My family. My friends. My native place. And moved to USA where I know no one apart from a few people and you are one of them. And the bitch Akansha, who is at the verge of destroying my whole life. I can’t let her take away my happiness like this. I’ll show her what it is like to steal someone’s husband. And you have to help me in this.”


Sanjay replied, “But it isn’t only her fault. Aman was also into her. I don’t know what happened to both of you. How you guys haven fallen apart? You guys need to sit down and try to clear the things out. It’s not easy to be with someone who doesn’t belong to you anymore. I had suggested him also but…. “


“But i don’t know. You are beautiful, you love him a lot, you care for him, and moreover you left everything for him. I wish i can get someone like you. But i just don’t understand how he turned out to be an asshole.” He came closer to her, hugged her. Embraced her in his arms and his hands slowly moving from her shoulders to her lower back. In the very next second she realised, he was upto something else. She pushed him away. And shouted, “You, son of bitch!! Get out of my house. Right now. You think i would do adultery behind my husband’s back. NO. I will never. Yes, I know Aman and I do have problems. But that doesn’t mean you’ll take a chance on me and I will accept. Every relation do have problems. Every relation go through ups and downs. But that doesn’t mean I’ll do the same things what he’s doing. He has just lost his way. I will make him understand. I don’t need your fucking help. GET OUT NOW!!!”

“….but atleast listen to me…”, Sanjay mumbled.

“Listen to you? Why? Listen to a man who does not respect a woman? Listen to someone who does not even respect about the bond we do have? You call yourself my and Aman’s best friend? Is this what best friends do? Try to seduce best friend’s wife?”


“NO! NO! NO! Shut up Maya and listen to me!” shouted Sanjay “Wait here without uttering even a single word. I’m coming.”


He went to the door which was half opened and asked Aman to come in. Maya was so shocked when she saw Aman coming inside. Her inner goddess was burning with flames of jealousy. She couldn’t believe her eyes. She felt like killing herself at the moment, lost her all strength, feeling so weak as if she’s suffering from some disease. She fell down on her knees and cried her heart out.


“I can’t take it anymore Aman. You want to be free? Alright. You are free from now. I’m leaving. I would prefer to walk away rather than seeing you with someone else. Maybe i was wrong to trust you and to think you are the one. You are free….” She sobbed. There was pin drop silence in the room.


Sanjay looked at Aman for a while and broke his silence.

“Aman, what the hell is wrong with you? At least say something now. It is height of everything. I promised you to stay quiet till now and I didn’t speak even a single word to her. But now it is turning into a living hell. I guess you should tell her everything now else I’m going to tell her everything. Look at her she’s the lady whom you were blaming for whole misunderstanding and mess. She is the lady whom you were doubting. Now don’t stand here like an ass, tell her everything.”


Maya was looking at Sanjay and Aman awestrucked. She cried, “What is actually going on? What the hell are you guys up to? I am ready pissed off. Stop making a fool out of me Aman.”


Finally Aman broke his silence. “Maya, I’m really sorry for everything I’ve done. I accept I was wrong but I don’t know i was feeling suffocated, your nagging behaviour, our daily fights, all these things were irritating me. I was feeling like marrying you was my biggest mistake. But now I realised I was stupid to look for love outside our happy life. I’m sorry for raising my finger on you, I’m sorry for doubting you, I’m sorry for going out with another lady, I’m sorry for each and every time I thought you were wrong” tears rolled down his face, he continued, “I know you are the only person who can handle me. I have been with Akansha from last few months and I realized, the only person who can handle me is you, My love.”


Maya was stunned, she didn’t say even a single word and was staring at Aman without even blinking her eyes. All her doubts were clear. She wanted to say so many things but words were not ready to come out of her mouth. Neither could she cry nor get angry. The room was calm and silent with three of them. The silence was heart snatching. Maya’ s heart was in her hand totally borken.


She wiped her tears,collected her thoughts, cleared her mind and throat and said “I should have told this before Aman. But now, when you confessed all your mistakes and apologizing to me I want to tell you a good news but now you’ll not be lucky enough to be its part. I am pregnant.”


Everyone was shocked and Aman stepped ahead to hug Maya but she stepped back and shouted, “Stay away!!!”


“I’m sorry Maya please listen to me once.”


“No! There’s nothing left to say and ask…Now the time is over. Everything is over. Me and you. Our relation. The happy moment. Love. Marriage. EVERYTHING.”


“But our child Maya. Please be with me for our child. I also know, you don’t want to spoil our child’s future for this. I know you will never.”


“Our child? No. Never. This is not our child. This is mine. Only mine. We are over.” answered Maya.


She went to room grabbed her bag which she packed in the morning before she left for work.


Aman tried to stop her. She pushed him away and said, “Don’t touch me!”


“You are an asshole and I don’t want my child to be with a man who is a coward. Who doesn’t even tried to talk to her wife about personal problems rather preferred to go out and perform adultery with another woman.”


Aman followed her and tried to stop her, “Maya please don’t leave me like this. I really love you.”


She made up her mind, turned back and said, “Love?” she laughed “Do you even know the meaning of love? This is not Love, Aman. Love is about trust, love is about compatibility, love is about falling even more with increasing number of years, love is a very pure emotion which people like you can never understand and try to give them other name like you did with Akansha “Just healthy flirting” . You betrayed me once. Why should i trust you again? Can you mend the broken glass or a torn up paper again? No, you cannot.” she continued, “Yes, it will take time to control myself, to get over you, to mend the broken pieces of my heart, to recover but next time if we will ever meet you will not see the Maya who use to love you, who cried over you, who gave up everything for you. I’m not a little teenage girl who cries over her boyfriend, I’m a lady with strong head. I will not die to see you every other day. And you don’t need to worry about my pregnancy. I can handle myself. Don’t ever think that I’m alone or lonely, I’m strong enough to take care of myself and my child. We don’t need you. Aman and Maya are over.”


She walked out.
****************THE END***************